About Women Making America

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Take a journey back in time with Women Making America, a captivating chronicle of the everyday struggles, delights, and courage of America's women from colonial times to the present.

Consider what it would have been like to get up every day and put on a corset, layers and layers of clothes, and top it off with a huge hat.

Or what could have motivated a group of young crew team members to march into the Yale athletic director's office, take off their shirts to reveal "TITLE IX" scrawled across their chests? And what was Ellen Church doing wearing that silly cape and little cap, pushing a plane into its hanger?

Women Making America is filled with the voices of women telling the stories of their lives, presenting them in the larger context of their relationships and times.

Extensively researched and brilliantly illustrated, Women Making America employs vibrant storytelling, consistent themes, multiple headings, subheadings, sidebars, and varying fonts to keep attention and guide the reader through the text. Perfect for readers of all ages.

Grounding their work in collective years of teaching experience, the authors provide students, teachers, and parents with a fascinating historical experience. Women's rights advocate Elizabeth Cady Stanton's radical words, spoken in 1851, remain keenly relevant today. She cried out for the "great work" of educating girls (and we would add boys) to instill in them the courage and freedom "to be, to grow, to feel, to think, to act.... We have had women enough befooled under the one system," she declared, "Pray, let us try another." Women Making America seeks to do just that.

About the Authors

Heidi Hemming and Julie Hemming Savage


Our combined experience includes teaching positions in North Carolina; Mali, West Africa; South Carolina; Kansas; and Maryland. Between us, we have taught middle and high school history, geography, English, third grade, women's studies, preschool, and gifted education. We have extensive experience in different kinds of schools, both private and public, and have knowledge of general trends in education. Not unimportantly, we are sympathetic to the plight of teachers with limited time and resources and have written a book that will help meet those demands. Women Making America is based in our practical experience of working with students and teachers.


Julie Hemming Savage holds a bachelor's degree in history, English, and education and a master's degree in American studies. Heidi Hemming received a bachelor's degree in history, theatre, and education and a master's degree in history.

A work of this scope requires a commitment to solid scholarship. Consequently, we have dedicated five years to researching, writing, and editing this book.


As parents, we were compelled to write this book. Teaching women's history is crucial to a child's developing outlook on the world. When one group -- in this case, women -- is left out of the historical telling, everyone takes away the clear message that women are less important than men. Our daughters must be included in the historical narrative and our sons must recognize their right to be there. We vividly remember the shock of finally being introduced to women's history in college. We want our children to make that discovery earlier in their lives; thus, we have written a book that our own children will enjoy.